Gathering the information about a person

It is human nature to lie. Sometimes it is harmless, but often it is conceal a fraudulent intent and mercenary count. A person with whom you are going to have a business, as an employer or any personal issues, he/she can play a double game. A professional swindler, industrial spy, marriage fraudster – it seems that it only happened in the movies, however, the detectives periodically face such in reality. If you decided to insure and to secure itself from attacks by a possible offender, or you just don’t want to contact with an unsavory reputation person, – the detective’s services won’t be any trouble to you.

What kind of information about a person the private investigator can gather?

  1. Gathering of the curriculum vitae and other data about potential and current employee, with his/her written consent, including with using polygraph screening (polygraph detector).
  2. Gathering the information about one of spouses with his/her consent during the marriage contract conclusion.
  3. Gathering the information about the debtor in the frame of enforcement proceedings focusing on issues under the property.
  4. Complication of profiles on the entrepreneur in transaction conclusion.
  5. Gathering the information about the participants of civil or criminal proceedings, within the limits allowed by the law.
  6. Gathering the information about persons who are suspect of preparation for committing an offence within the limits allowed by the law.

Services provided of a detective on gathering the information about a person are formalized in a written report. With a cause such document can be transferred to the enforcement law authorities to take actions in relation to the perpetrator.

The private detectives of the agency “Svitov and Partners” at your service! Gathering the curriculum vitae and other information describing the identity may also occur on the territory of foreign countries, through our colleagues within the limits of authority of the detective.

We wish you not to get to the tricks of fraudsters!

Prices for private detective services are provided individually.
A private detective concludes an agreement with each customer and a written report is provided.


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