Corporate investigations

Staffing problems are a headache of any business. But it is one thing if we are talking about a poor training of staff, but it’s another thing, if among them the perpetrator appeared. Probably, “spy” who works for the competitors, or the rascal who came to your firm only to study the model of business and to receive an access to the client base. It is possible that he/she has already opened simultaneously its own company, and behind your backs, by dumping develops its own business.

Why you should trust a corporate investigation to the detective agency?

  1. The private detectives are generally the officers of enforcement law authorities, who familiarized with an investigation method as whole and who have experience to conduct private cases.
  2. The detectives having the license pursuant to an investigation can prepare a report to the police or the court, which will be as legally relevant evidence, as well as the reason for initiating a criminal case, including in cases of disclosure of trade secrets or industrial espionage.
  3. A private detective is an external or independent person, who is obliged to keep confidential, advantageous in cases, when you don’t want to “get things out in the open”.
  4. The detective agency in the framework of corporate investigation provides a wide range of services, – from determination of curriculum vitae and other information of separate people before the surveillance, as well as gathering the information on competitors.

That’s up to you whether it is necessary to involve the detective agency to the investigation. Our private detectives guarantee you a professional approach and full confidentiality.

To the category of corporate investigations we also refer thefts of offices (money from safe), and we can help in such cases.

The detective agency “Svitov and Partners” is ready to take your organization on subscription service on issues of checking of staff and business safety as whole. As stated, you should pay for your safety, so then do not pay!

We wish you luck in the business!

Prices for private detective services are provided individually.
A private detective concludes an agreement with each customer and a written report is provided.


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