Check of teenagers lifestyle

The awkward age of any child is not easy time. The parents need to control his/her life in this period, while avoiding excessive steeliness. Danger could be waiting for teenager at every step. Criminal company, narcotic drugs, religious sects, soul wounds of the first love. There is very little life experience in all youthful exuberance. And once mother or father start “tighten the screws” – it kept getting worse.

Why in such situations it is helpful to refer to the private detective?

Firstly, the private investigator can secretly keep an eye on the minor child, thereby checking the information, that he/she informs you about himself/herself. Of course, the parents are not in a position to make it independently. Secondly, the detective can detect teenagers (or adults), who provides to your child narcotic drugs or in other way involved him/her to illegal actions. The investigator would transfer the obtained data to the police. Thirdly, by hiring the detective you can control a lifestyle of teenager, to do this “at the distance”, do not bother his/her with questions, that whenever invariably end in a quarrel. An experienced detective that has already participated in family problems solution, will be able to give you a good advice on how to properly behave with the child in your particular situation, as well as will help to neutralize danger potentially abusive to it.

Covert surveillance is possible only in relation to a minor with legal representative’s written consent.

The detective agency “Svitov and Partners” also provides services on lifestyle check of children, who had fled to other city (country) to study (work). But there should be a legal basis. You can discuss your case at any time with our attend detective.

You should remember that family is the most important!

Prices for private detective services are provided individually.
A private detective concludes an agreement with each customer and a written report is provided.


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