Article 5 of the Law “On private investigation and security business in the Russian Federation” allows to private investigators to provide supervision. However, surveillance should not be linked to gathering the information about private life without the consent of the subject of an investigation. In theory, if between spouses concluded the contract of marriage, whereas one of condition of property ownership described the need for to remain true to his/her couple, then the surveillance on wife or husband becomes possible quite legally. Indeed, would it not be fair in return for a beautiful life, real estates and cars, gifted to youth wife, to require on her fidelity, towards her middle-aged husband? However such clauses in marriage contracts usually are not amended. But it would be worthwhile to consider about this.

Services of supervision, provided by the private detective agency apply not only to marital infidelity cases

Often the customers need a stationary surveillance for photo- videorecording of specific legally relevant events. For example, illegal land uses by outsiders, illegal products manufacture and etc. The supervision is acceptable in the frameworks of the enforcement proceedings to determine address of residence or of non-official place of work of a debtor, or for purposes of to find a child, which a former husband (wife) hides.

What is it a countersurveillance? Imagine you are a successful businessman. Was it possible someone’s watching you? Yes it is. What if your wife hires a private investigator to determine all your mistresses? What if the competitor’s safety service is looking at you? Or that is much worse, members of criminal organizations preparing your kidnapping or raider seizure of business? Or probably, they followed your son or daughter? Or some suspicious type followed your beautiful wife? In Russia anything is possible! Therefore, if your or someone of your relatives know something was up, it makes sense go to the private detective agency. The police are unlikely to deal with such cases without distinct evidence that you are in danger. The private detectives can to gather and to provide such evidence, or they will dispel your fears, if during the watching you or your family members the detective would not be seen nothing suspicious. It is called countersurveillance.

The private detective agency “Svitov and Partners” provides services of surveillance subject to legal grounds. Please feel free to contact with our specialists for advice on your event. The cost of one hour of supervision is RUB, in thousands 3. The minimum order in Moscow region is 3 hours.

Also it is possible to arrange from your order a directed supervision in each individual property abroad. This of course requires the legal ground and the presence of statutory to that country.

Prices for private detective services are provided individually.
A private detective concludes an agreement with each customer and a written report is provided.


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