Skip tracing and children tracing based on enforcement order

It seems that there is no end of the economic crisis. Business profits decrease, expenses increase. Just yesterday you have a reliable business partner, which you are incredibly trust, and then today he/she spins, lies, shuns, does not pay off the debts. Eventually, you had a received execution file, thus bailiffs littered with similar papers have no efforts to impound the vehicle of debtor, since it is impossible to find him/her. The place of residence of debtor is currently unknown as well as a new profession. In such situation the private detective agency can help you.


What financial debt-related services can be provided by the private detective agency? There are:


  1. Skip tracing, their property, including outside the Russian Federation.
  2. Complication of a detailed profile on a debtor (focusing on information of his/her assets) for purposes of growth strategies on indebtedness collection.
  3. Search of debtor’s unofficial (undeclared) source of income.
  4. Gathering of evidence for confirmation of affiliation of other business with a debtor, as well as for challenging of fictions and fraudulent transactions with properties.

The private detective agency will work with bailiff service, provided services in the framework of enforcement proceedings, which should positively affect the process of debt collection.

According to the enforcement order, it is also possible to search for children whom one of the spouses took with them to an unknown destination. Unfortunately, parental wars for a child are a frequent occurrence in Russian reality. First, the mother, taking the daughter with her, hid her in a rented apartment, then the father, finding and “stealing” the child, answered the same. Of course, children are more affected by this. In such cases, if there is an open civil case, the private detective agency can also get compromising information about one of the parents if his/her child abuse or bad habits are different from the general ideas of a decent mother or father. However, it is important to prevent the invasion of a person’s privacy.

Services for the search and remove children under the enforcement order are also possible abroad through our detective agency as a link with foreign colleagues and foreign authorities.

Please feel free to contact with our attendant detective about the cost of services of the private detective agency “Svitov and Partners”. All services are provided within stringy established by the law.

We wish you, patience and weighed decisions!

Prices for private detective services are provided individually.
A private detective concludes an agreement with each customer and a written report is provided.


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