Check of real estate

Any self-respecting realtor, accompanying the sale and purchase transaction, shall verify “clean title” to the real estate. However, not all information may be available for realtor. In some cases you will need services of the private investigator. For example:

  1. When it is necessary to verify of certain documentation from the part of real estate seller.
  2. If you want to search «unrecorded inherits», who can claim on real estate, inherited the seller by inheritance.
  3. If you want to collect more information about the seller or about the real estate (who lived here before, what is the true reason for the sale, information about the neighbors, etc.), including through a survey of former lessee of this housing.

Unfortunately, cases of fraud in real estate sales transactions continue to be found. A person presents a fake passport with the name of the owner of the apartment, but with someone else’s photo, while the owner lives quietly abroad, rejoicing at how successfully the apartment passed to the “intelligent family”.

If you need consultation, do not hesitate to contact a private detective at any time!

The detective agency “Svitov and Partners” also assists to check real estate abroad, through operational contacts with foreign colleagues.

We wish you successful transactions on the real estate market!

Prices for private detective services are provided individually.
A private detective concludes an agreement with each customer and a written report is provided.


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