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Services and prices

Potential clients and just curious users of the Internet are often interested in the prices for private detective services. Some detective agencies can calculate the full cost for services in a second. This may confirm the "quality" of their work. And at the end of the description of each service (in Russian version) we are writing the stock phrase: "Prices for private detective services depend on the characteristic of the order and are calculated on an individual basis". Yes, we have an individual approach to each client. But for those who still cannot live without numbers and ask to specify at least an approximate cost of the service or the boundary value of such a cost - the following list is proposed:

For individuals (minimum cost):

  • surveillance - 300$;
  • identification of adultery - 300$;
  • check of teenagers lifestyle - 350$;
  • checking a car history - 150$;
  • checking realty - 200$;
  • criminal investigations - 350$;
  • civil investigations - 350$;
  • people search - 350$;
  • search for missing property - 350$;
  • pet detective - 350$;
  • document examination - 250$.

For business (minimum cost):

  • pre-employment screening - 200$;
  • business intelligence - 400$;
  • check business partners - 350$;
  • intellectual property investigations - 1000$;
  • civil investigations - 1000$;
  • checking the premises (vehicles) for hidden audio-video devices - from 10$ per square meter, but not less than 350$;
  • assistance in providing collection services (reimbursement of a debt) - the cost is negotiable.

I repeat once again that all these prices for detective services are conditional. Please, call, write and tell us about your problem, and we will agree about the price. See you!

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