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Collection of information on criminal cases

Check alibi, search witnesses, wanted murderers and rapists by private investigator.

To protect the rights of suspects and accused persons there are lawyers. The rights of victims by the police and prosecutors. It would seem that in a criminal trial private investigator odd man out. However, it is not. Lawyers - busy people, they have no time to engage in search of witnesses of the crime or make alibi checks is already involved in the case. When lawyers need this information - it often seeks the help of a private investigator if the work done by the investigator and operatives, it seems incomplete. Suddenly, his client was framed? Suddenly, the investigator did not clean the hand and trying to shield this offender? Perhaps investigators fabricated evidence against his client? The cases are different and an experienced attorney who specializes in working on criminal cases without the assistance of private investigators can not do. But the victim may need service detective agency in criminal proceedings and in civil (filing of a claim for compensation for damage caused by the crime). So, what kind of work can make private investigator.

  1.  Implement collect evidence in a criminal case.
  2.  Check witnesses, victims and suspects.
  3.  Implement wanted witnesses, search for offenders.
  4. Collect other information that is useful for the objective of a criminal investigation.
  5. Private investigator concludes with a customer-parties to the proceedings a written contract for the collection of information in a criminal case. Evidence compiled by a private investigator in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal proceedings shall be legally binding and shall be attached to the criminal case through the minutes of the interrogation of the private detective as a witness. During interrogation, the detective told the investigator or judge them on collected evidence, as to who helped him what tools he used, which has more information.  

    I'm private detective Svitov Denis with the assistance of his colleagues to exercise of evidence in criminal cases, helping to wanted murderers, rapists, finding witnesses. Our detective agency is not involved wiretapping and mediates in bribing police. Also, we were not seeking witnesses involved in the case in the interests of the suspect (accused, defendants). For all other inquiries - welcome! Good luck and take care to honor the Penal Code!

    Prices for private detective depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

    24 April 2017

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