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Checking of personnel

Check job candidates, check on a polygraph (lie detector).

For any employer important issue of recruitment. In large companies the security forces have long been working his polygraph that is check job candidates proposed by HR, is well underway and on all counts. But not every business owner has a full-service security and polygraph. A situation where the need lie-detector test staff or applicants arise. It could help the entrepreneur private detective including trained and work with a polygraph. Many detective agencies have their polygraphs some private detectives finish polygraph month course. To interview a polygraph the written consent interviewee. But it is not difficult: as a rule people who have nothing to hide no problem agree to write such a "receipt". Yet developed only a draft federal law "On the use of polygraph in Russia" and now this area is not regulated in any way polygraph can be anyone no license no attestation to this specialist is not required. What can a private investigator to find out (not only through the polygraph), carrying gathering information about a person which claims to fill a particular position?

  1. presence or absence of a candidate for the job dating competing firms.
  2. presence or lack of connections in the criminal world.
  3. lifestyles of the candidate's past, the last place of employment and the reasons for dismissal.
  4. nature of the candidate's habits and tendencies.

To prevent industrial espionage not to hire an accountant working for a competitor, not to draw on the work of the security guard, who has mental health problems so that one day he found a safe in the office opened and find out when the new deputy escaped with secretary check my future colleagues! I'm a private investigator Svitov Denis and my team mates are ready to provide you with this promotion. We provide services to both individual checking job candidates, polygraph test and we can take your company to the subscription service. And if you decide to carry out the inspection or home office staff in-house, we advise you to do this with the help of hidden cameras. It is an ordinary small video camera placed in inconspicuous places (ceiling, furniture), not the mini-cameras disguised as everyday objects that are allowed to use only the subject of an investigative activity. Surveillance of employees will not be a violation of their privacy: while they are at work - they are not private and public life. How to check babysitter your child, maid, housekeeper or a personal driver? The same ways! After detective agency or by hidden cameras. Some agencies recruitment of domestic staff did not test their competitors. And another tip! If you have a house maid, never store it large sums of money. There were times when perfect in every way a nanny or housekeeper taking linen out of the closet come across hidden there money and resist the temptation to steal. In my practice was a case where a thief found a month later but all the money it has already spent by paying the expensive surgery to his son with a disability. So be careful! Good Luck!

Prices for private investigator are dependent on the characteristics of the order and is calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

24 April 2017

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