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Surveillance of man, kontrnablyudenie.

Article 5 of the Law "On Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation" allows a private investigator to carry out surveillance to obtain necessary information. Along with the oral examination and inquiry as a way of monitoring the required information is used by private detectives often. Private detective watches (monitors) for contracting business for scammers lurking for debtors, for employees who commit theft at the company. And there is shadowing husband, shadowing wife.

What surveillance? This is the secret surveillance of the object (basically shadowing the man) with a view to a detailed study of his, his connections, routes, lifestyle, visiting places. Term surveillance a bit old, and now more and more often hidden (unofficial) surveillance. How is it? First, it can be carried out not only a group of observers, and observer-loner. On foot or by car makes and most inconspicuous flowers. With the attraction of female observers using different methods of masking (tramp clothes, workwear road workers and public services, "walking the dog", "love couple", etc.). Private investigator in monitoring may impersonate anyone but law enforcement officer and shall be entitled to (outdoor) video, audio, photography - in short, to use any technical means not prohibited by law. In addition to the human subject of surveillance can be vehicles (stolen vehicle is in a "settler" and thief is soon followed him back), shops, banks (for information received by jeweler should attack criminals and detectives watching his entrance), any stolen items. After completion covert surveillance a private detective in a detailed report on its work.

What kontrnablyudenie? Imagine that you - a big businessman, wealthy person. Whether you are being followed? Yes, they can. Suppose your jealous wife decided to install surveillance for you and appealed to detective agency. Or, perhaps, for you to watch with some security competitor. This also happens. What if you have been the object of development of special services? Or, even worse, you as a rich man interested in criminal organizations that prepare your raid seizure or theft of your business? And if you are a beautiful woman and you tagged along for a suspicious character? Maybe pursue your daughter or son? In Russia everything is possible! Therefore if you experience behind him someone's breathing it makes sense to install surveillance for his mysterious companion. This is called kontrnablyudeniem. On the way, your route detectives leading kontrnablyudenie, organized observation posts where fine notices all walks suspicious persons vehicles with two or more men in the cabin moving up to you, "nice walk" "family couple" with radios in their pockets, etc. Themselves detectives kontrnablyudateli opponents remain undetected.

What demonstrative observation? Sometimes detective agency received custom orders. For example, some merchant wants detectives pointedly, does not hide its presence, followed by its competitors or partners, in order to intimidate or provoke those. This is called a demonstrative or open supervision.

So if you need surveillance services - i Svitov Denis and my colleagues will be happy to help you!

Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

Attention! Collection and dissemination of information about the private life of a person that make it personal or family secrets, is only with his consent!

23 April 2017

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