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Pet detective

What if I lost a dog or escaped cat? What happens when stolen dog or cat?

Theft pets is not a gimmick and the professional business. Sometimes for the sake of a valuable puppy thieves breaking into an apartment or commit robbery on the host. Indeed, one can not resist the temptation to steal Tibetan Mastiff puppy or Japanese dwarf poodle, each worth more than 15 thousand dollars? In Moscow, as you know, a lot of millionaires and many dear pets. But when a pet is not at all expensive but beloved the aim of theft can be no sale and extortion. Kidnapping pets for extortion and other addicts do antisocial elements. Under the Civil Code, animals are property, but you can imagine the round eyes of your police precinct or operatives when you submit your application to them of the theft "Ram" or "Matilda": such cases they never have been and will treat you probably with irony. So your only hope detective pet. But, in truth, hope is weak. If you do not find his friend chetveronogo themselves for the first five or six days after his disappearance the chances that this can be done private detective not much. The fact that the missing pets unless they are in the hands of thieves often fall under the wheels of cars, are victims of stray dogs or doghanterov and winter simply die from the cold. We can not procrastinate!

Why pets run away? What are the reasons?

  1. month of March.
  2. abuse, fear of punishment.
  3. death or assignment owner.
  4. unexpected noise (such as explosions of firecrackers on New Year's).

What if I lost a dog or escaped cat?

  1. get in the car and try to find the fugitive "hot pursuit".
  2. communicate with other hosts - tell them the signs and name your pet.
  3. distribute ads in animals and in his walking (next to your house). The ad should be a good color photo and the phrase on the remuneration.
  4. carry out work on the internet (forums, veterinary clinic sites, social networks), and ring up the appropriate services and offices in Moscow.
  5. seek detective to search for pets.

I private detective Svitov Denis with assistance of his assistants provide assistance in pet detective but we undertake no means in all cases. We mainly work when stolen dog stolen cat and in rare cases in their escape. Pet, as a rule, or is itself (owners) or is not already a nobody. So be careful, take care of their four-legged friends. Teach them obedience, prior to releasing the leash and remember that dogs and cats are often run out of the open car. We wish your pet comeback home, his health and longevity!

Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

24 April 2017

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