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Collection of information in cases of infringement of copyright or patent rights

Illegal use of a trademark (service mark), combating counterfeiting, countering unfair competition.

Copyright and patent rights in Russia it is not easy. Need to improve not only the legal framework in this area but the rule of law. On top, a Russian man is so constituted that he will buy a fake instead of the original, only that it was worth a thousand or two cheaper. And the demand is known creates supply and appears on the market counterfeit. Of course all over the world there are counterfeit but the volumes, compared with Russia, at times less. Fake perfumes, drugs, alcohol, food, and even the products class luxury - to get away from it all! Manufacturers are trying to lead the fight against counterfeiting in Russia but their efforts are often comparable with those of Don Quixote. Indeed, sometimes they have to fight not only the manufacturers of fakes but with corrupt police and government officials. However the most fundamental and persistent fighters forgery achieve local success - against malicious criminal proceedings and make fair judgments. Collect all the evidence in the case of illegal use of a trademark (service mark) is not easy, as the need arises often themselves have suffered from infringement of copyright or patent rights. In such cases, the help they can come detective agency. Work private investigators in protection of copyright and patent law time consuming and fraught with all sorts of difficulties specific to Russia. But the result of this work is mainly positive. Private investigator finds out all the circumstances and gathers for affected producers and authors prove that they operate at the later trial. But not all manufacturers of fakes can bring to justice - not just to some legal fault. In addition to gathering information about illegal use of a trademark (service mark), in addition to combating counterfeiting, private investigators can assist in countering unfair competition. Unfair competition can take various forms, including those associated with be a violation of copyright and patent rights. The role of private detective again will be to clarify the circumstances and the collection of evidence for the trial.

I'm private detective Svitov Denis with my colleagues to provide assistance in the fight against counterfeiting in countering unfair competition. Protect your copyrights and patent rights! Success in work and in business!

Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

24 April 2017

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