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Checking business partners (counterparties)

Check the business reputation and financial policy of the firm.

Such inspections are usually engaged in the security services but in those companies where its no SB managers often turn to detective agency or to his friends - a former law enforcement officers. Check business partners is often superficial. Verified registration data entity the lack of a conviction for fraud of a director, the number of employees. At best, under the guise of a client to visit the office of the future partner. Often such information is sufficient to determine the reliability of the company. "Firm punch" - so many it is called, that is meant operational inspection contractor. On closer inspection we are talking about learning providers and the establishment of assets administrative relations and financial policy, litigation. If you plan a big deal, ignore thorough inspection contractor can not be. Some scammers first rubbed into the trust deserving its reputation in the business community. They spend one or two fair deal ask their unsuspecting partners to find them a reliable counterparty to another line of business and then he was robbed. Then they go somewhere to Ukraine or Latvia to sit there, and at the same time and gain new "partnership". Beware of scams-touring! In this case, do not be, and suspiciousness. Your excessive suspiciousness may not like your contractor he did not sign a contract and you will be without earnings.

I'm a private detective Svitov Denis and my assistants to carry out checks business partners of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Detective services may be provided on an ongoing basis. Good luck in your business!

Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

23 April 2017

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