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«I have twice contacted to detective agency "Svitov & Partners" to find out private information. My friends recommend me Denis Svitov and Sergey as good detectives. It's nice when you're dealing with professionals!» Lena Lenina, writer, businesswoman, Russian and French fashion model. www.lenalenina.com  

«When my brother and I came to the project "House-2" we immediately began get the letters from girls across the country. When you have fans - it's great and nice! But after leaving the perimeter, I had problems with one of these fans (girl), whose "love" to me came to fanaticism, mania. This Girl (as it turned out later, she was 35 years old!) called me from different phones, wrote poems to my email, threatened, promised to kill herself. I had to turn to the private detective, because police could not help me. I am grateful to Denis Svitov for the help! He has established the identity of this woman in one day, and then police did their job» Cyril Kudryashov, businessman, member of the TV project "House-2".  

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