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Checking realty

How check the history of the apartment, check builder? Detective agency and legal validity of the transaction.

The law "On realtor activity in the Russian Federation" still represents only a project around which the tense debate in various circles - from the State Duma of Russia to realtors. This legal vacuum in fact saves real estate and private brokers from liability for the consequences of the transaction, which they accompany. In realtor firms guarantee you will be given the obligation to protect your interests in court in the event of litigation with the seller of the apartment or his relatives. But whether you need this court? Other types of warranties provide compensation to the client in the event of damage to the recognition of the sale invalid due to error or negligence realtor. But it is not all plain sailing: not the fact that your problem falls under "accident" and "insurance fund" for such payments even in large real estate agencies is limited. Practiced as an official liability insurance brokers and their certification activities of various self-regulatory organizations, but this is not a panacea. If you file for a real estate agent to court, justice, of course, be on your side but compensation in the amount of one hundred thousand millions in losses - not too much comfort. After all, real estate contract you signed with the provision of "information services", nothing more, and check story apartment or check builder it is not obliged. The percentage of errors on the part of real estate agents is low, but in most cases check stories flats limited to the study of legal documents. Let's take a look at the types of fraud in the sale of real estate:

  1. sale apartment on forged documents of title and registration;
  2. apartments for sale duplicate title and registration documents to several persons at the same time;
  3. sale apartments at a reduced price in the contract under the pretext of reducing taxes (transaction subsequently terminated and returns not the amount actually paid, and the one that is specified in the contract);
  4. sale apartments, were inherited (used fake wills or "suddenly" announced new heirs whose rights have not been taken into account);
  5. apartments for sale genuine, but revoked the power of attorney;
  6. selling apartments "inadequate" by the owner (after the transaction is simulated disease);
  7. selling apartments in the building, intended for demolition;
  8. sell another apartment (change of number plate on the front door).
  9. As check the history apartment? How to ensure legal clarity deals? To do this, you can apply to real estate but if you do not fully trust the realtors and lawyers (all the same person they are interested in selling) then use the services of detective agencies. Private detective agency to help you check the title documents and other documents required for the transaction, the seller's capacity, the legality of privatization and redevelopment of apartment, transfer the apartment to deal with and will ensure your financial security in the calculation of the seller. Also detective agency can check builder for buyers of apartments in the primary market.

    I'm a private detective Svitov Denis I wish you a successful real estate market transactions and family well-being! Talk to us!

    Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

    23 April 2017

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