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Identification of adultery

How to know if you change the man? Should you hire a private detective, to identify treason?

Adultery as we know can cause not only a moral but material damage too. However the proven fact of adultery is not always sufficient grounds for divorce in court as in Russia and, for example, in France. What are the causes of treason?

Cause of male and female adultery:

  1. routine in sex, inexperienced wife as a sexual partner, the weakness of her husband as a sexual partner, unrealized fantasies, the loss of his wife (husband) former sexuality;
  2. love for another woman (man), the desire to obtain a divorce;
  3. lack of spiritual intimacy spouse revenge for treason;
  4. desire aging husband "revive old", social status and desire to have his wife's young lover.

Now consider the signs of betrayal.

Signs her husband's infidelity:

  1. night delays "at work," frequent "trips", travel to "the car wash" at the weekend;
  2. other people's SMS messages, strange calls to mobile phone, mobile phone off in the evening due to "fatigue", ignoring calls his wife at the "meeting", the appearance of the second "corporate" cell phone;
  3. smell of women's perfume, the smell of gasoline (to hit the perfume);
  4. to update your wardrobe, meticulous attitude to the appearance of a sharp decline in the credit card;
  5. fits great generosity (makes wife expensive gifts);
  6. change in behavior (was returning home in a good mood, or conversely in the dull);
  7. constant refusal to perform the conjugal duty.

How can I change a husband identify as treason?

  1. Check text messages, the latest in the mobile phone calls, e-mails.
  2. Questioning about her husband visit a mutual friend to reveal the contradictions in his "testimony"
  3. Inspect his bag for the presence there of foreign keys (on a rented apartment, hotel room).
  4. Leave wife for a few days one, and after returning to check in the bathroom sink drain to detect other people's women's hair.
  5. Suddenly ask him a direct question as to whether it changes you, and watch his reaction.
  6. Hire a private detective.

Signs betrayal of his wife:

  1. loss of interest in family affairs, isolation, irritability;
  2. text messages from an unknown man, ignoring the calls of her husband because of "contingencies at work";
  3. decision to change a hairstyle and hair color, write a fitness club, a sudden fad diets;
  4. "fatigue", "headache", "critical days" and other excuses not to engage in sex with her husband;
  5. termination disputes and quarrels, the termination of extradition requests money for shopping;
  6. emergence of new things in the locker room, which are reported to her husband bought "a hundred years ago".

So whether still hire a private detective for detect infidelity? Or is it better not to know about it to keep the nerves and family? This is your deal! If you do decide to get to the truth, the services of a private detective is what you need. But remember that the report is not accepted by the court investigator as evidence of treason!

I'm a private detective Svitov Denis and my team mates are at your service!

Prices for private investigator are dependent on the characteristics of the order and is calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

Attention! Collection and dissemination of information about the private life of a person that make it personal or family secrets is only with his consent!

23 April 2017

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