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The services of a private investigator

How to choose a detective agency in Moscow? A brief analysis of the market of detective services.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, private detectives in Moscow are ready to provide you our professional help in solving your problems!

I'm private detective Svitov Denis with the assistance of my trusted aides to render services of private investigation for businesses and individuals. We work completely legal, value our reputation and fulfill customer orders efficiently and in an optimal time frame. If you fit services of individual private detective or is required to involve the whole detective agency in Moscow in both cases we can do for you! Get to know me Svitov Denis in the section «About me». There you will learn that I am cooperation with the Moscow police, see my private investigator's license. If you need help of a private detective but you're not familiar with the market of detective services then please read our guidelines for choosing a detective agency.

On our website you can ask any questions to our detectives (we are guarantee our answer within an hour) or just to sign over the internet contract for detective services. The initial consultation on any matter - free! If you are interested in customer feedback about me Svitov Denis and my assistants - see the section «Reviews». The services and prices you can also find in the relevant section of the site. On our site among other things there are sections «Our partners», «Vacancies» and «Legislation». For news detective agency in Moscow "Svitov and Partners" read on our pages in Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and Instagram.

Now inform you about some of our principles.

  1. Sometimes we need time (1-2 days) to estimate a volume of the work and calculate the full cost of the order for a client.
  2. Often we need a prepayment from a client. This amount depends on the type of order.
  3. Not all documents wich we have got during a detective service we can send to a client. A client will take the opportunity to become acquainted with them indirectly.
  4. We are ready to work in other cities of Russia and abroad (through linkages with foreign colleagues).

Payment method with customers may be in cash (in this case, a detective provide to client with strict reporting forms) as well as by bank transfer - through the account of private detective as a individual businessman. We don't use payment systems Yandex and WebMoney.

If a client going to attend a meeting with private detective, you should bring all documents and technical information carriers that may be needed in the detective work.

Our detective agency works around the clock seven days a week!

We, private detectives in Moscow, invite to cooperation of security companies, lawyers bureau and consulting agency! Look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration!

Best wishes, Svitov Denis!

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