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Assistance wanted a car, search cargo and the missing goods.

Before you call the "02" and report that you have lost a car remember you do not have parked it somewhere else. If the cars are not present then the operator of service "02" check to see if your car evacuated to administrative parking by DPS officer. Calls to "02" is in the last resort, because then you are guaranteed to have to go to the local police department and write a statement out there even if the car is suddenly there in the next street. Moreover the operator service "02" during a conversation with you automatically announce your car search and take it from there it will be possible only with the help of a local operator working for the hijackings. Operative has to make a memorandum and gave it to the central police office. And it will be this memo only after precinct will make the decision not to open a criminal case on your statement about finding a car. The imposition of such an order from the district by law has ten days. So the call to "02" - a serious matter. After the reform of the police the demand from the police authorities of the car time is still on the search has become much stronger but like a week or walk or borrow a car from a wife you'll probably have to. However, as soon as you stop the traffic police inspector in a stolen car and make sure that you are not a criminal and before it will report the discovery of a car is wanted you can continue to drive safely by any police posts because thanks to this report of your car will be registered in the database as hijackings "Gone, but discovered." And once discovered it means that police employee is no longer interesting a performance is not and you are unlikely to stop any second. What can help detective agency in the case of car theft? Chances of a successful search car quite frankly a little. We can help in situations where the hijacker known (for example, a former friend of the owner of the car, which had a hand-written power of attorney) but hidden or are clues to identify the person (employee service center made a duplicate key and is suspected of theft, etc.). Also detective agency, by signing an agreement with the owner of the car can assist criminal investigator if they went to a gang of car thieves or if the car was found by satellite signal by the security firm to install it. Otherwise search cars was practically hopeless. Therefore enclose with your insurance company contract hull and sleep well!

I'm private detective Svitov Dennis and my assistants except search cars can realize search shipping and the missing goods, including overseas with our international colleagues. Services search for property - come to us!

Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

23 April 2017

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