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How to choose a detective agency in Moscow?

Begin with that detective agencies in Russia does not officially exist. Surprised? In the 90 years of last century (in "the era of crime" in Russia) - they were allowed and sprang up like mushrooms after rain. In 2008 the Federal Law № 272 have banned it but in the current edition of the Law "On Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation" about the ban of detective agency does not say a word. Banned detective agency first because some of them provided no legitimate services and secondly not to infringe upon the militia which would have lost the last of valuable human resources and perhaps part of the proceeds of corruption. However the prohibition of detective agencies in Russia perhaps justified is something of a ban on the possession of firearms. To all the rules to open a detective agency that is a legal entity you will need general license. General licenses are now issued only to security firms. Private detective can only be self-employed. It follows from this that the name "detective agency" is just a figure of speech a marketing course the key phrase for search engines on the Internet because most Internet users in a search engine is gaining it. If in such a "detective agency" hides individual private eye we will not blame him in this little trick especially since he most likely has a license, he hired to his employees as a individual businessman, pays all taxes and concludes contracts with customers. And in fact being self-employed he is entitled to a commercial designation "detective agency" can even get an official patent. Worse when our detective agency with some impressive name that exists in the market "twenty years" in fact - the brainchild of professional con artists who take from unsuspecting customers hundred percent advance payment (often through Internet payment systems) and disappear forever. But such scams fortunately not much. Most of the online sites that offer private investigation belongs to legal professionals and sometimes a true master of his craft. Therefore, we can say that the market of detective services in Russia exists, though to a civilized level until it is little far. Choosing detective agency in Moscow be sure that their agent has a license and identification card of a private detective and do not forget to sign the contract with the detective. If a private detective has not an office - it does not mean that he is a swindler: for his work an office is not always necessary and sometimes not needed at all. A private detective can come to your office (confidentially) or you can hold a meeting in a cafe or even in the car. My office is located near to the metro station "Ulitsa 1905". See you!

16 April 2017

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