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How to choose a detective agency in Moscow?

Let's start with the fact that detective agencies in Russia do not officially exist. Are you surprised? In the nineties, in the era of crime, such agencies were allowed and grew like mushrooms after the rain. In 2008 by the Federal Law No. 272 such agencies were prohibited. Although in the current version of the Law "On Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation" there is no information about the prohibition on creation of detective agencies. First of all the detective agencies were prohibited because some of them provided not quite legitimate services, and secondly, in order not to release the militia, which would lose many valuable skilled workers, and possibly part of the corruption income. However, probably, the prohibition of detective agencies in Russia can be justified, because it's something like a prohibition on purchasing of the firearms. In order to open a detective agency according to all rules, you will need to create a legal entity and have a general license. General licenses are now issued only to security organizations, namely to PSC (Private Security Companies). A private detective can only be an individual entrepreneur. And as a conclusion from this follows that the name “Detective agency” is just a figure of speech, a market-speak, a key phrase for search engines in the Internet, because most Internet users are typing in the search engine exactly that name. If under such a "detective agency" an individual private detective is hidden, we will not blame him/her for such a little trick, especially since he/she most likely has a license, he/she hired the employees being an individual entrepreneur, he/she pays insurance fees and taxes, concludes the contracts with clients. And as a matter of fact, being an individual entrepreneur, he/she has the right to commercial reference as "detective agency X". It can be even officially registered as a service mark. It is even worse, when the "detective agency" with some impressive name, existing on the market for "twenty years", in fact is the brainchild of professional cheaters, who take a hundred percent prepayment from the trustful clients (often through payment systems of the Internet) and then disappear forever. But fortunately, there are not that much cheaters. Most of the Internet sites offering the private search services are owned by more or less legal specialists, and sometimes by real masters of their business. Therefore, we can say that the market of detective services in Russia still exists, although it still has to grow to a civilized level. When choosing a detective agency in Moscow, make sure that the representative of that agency has licenses and private detective certificates. And do not forget to sign a contract with the detective. If a private detective does not have his/her own office - this does not mean that he/she is a swindler: his/her office is not always needed, and sometimes not necessary at all. A private detective can come to work to you (privately), or a meeting can be held in a cafe or even in a car. My office is next to the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 goda". See you!

16 January 2018

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