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Collection of information in civil cases

Collection and verification of evidence, asset search, search defendants.

Any legal process requires time and nerves. In Russia this is compounded by congestion of vessels. In addition judges have sometimes interpret the same rules of law in very different ways, which makes judicial contest very unpredictable. For the parties involved in a civil case an important qualitative evidence collected which decide the outcome of the hearing. The burden of proof in civil law, as is well known, falls on the shoulders of the participants in the case not the state. Court will not help you in gathering evidence your judgment and perhaps with care will provide evidence check provided your opponent procedure. Can help you private detective. Evidence collection is to obtain documents, technical media, inquiry, find witnesses, expertise. Proof checker is asking the authenticity of documents establishing the truth of evidence available to the other side of the trial. What else can help detective agency participants in civil proceedings?

  1. Implement defendants wanted.
  2. Implement asset search.
  3. Implement debtor tracing at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

If a private investigator concluded a formal agreement, the investigator presented evidence for a civil case are valid. Private detective can itself become a party to the process and the judge summoned for questioning as a witness.  

So if you need to inquire in the civil case, collect or test evidence - contact our detective agency! I Svitov Denis I wish you good luck in the civil suit!

Prices for private detective depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

24 April 2017

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