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Franchise and training

Our agency provides an opportunity for all newcomers-private detectives or simply for entrepreneurs to open under our brand their own business in their region of Russia. That means that we offer a franchise. What are the mandatory requirements for such an applicant-franchisee? Here they are:

  1. Presence of the license by him/her (or his/her partner) for making the private detective activity. The validity of such a license at the time of filling an application for a commercial concession (franchise) should be not less than a year.
  2. Successful interview at the head office of the detective agency Svitov & Partners in Moscow or through a video conference in Skype.

We do not assist in obtaining detective licenses. But in this section we present a list of the necessary documents (relevant for February 2018 and for Moscow), which are provided to the licensing authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  1. Payment document on payment of the state duty for license forms and detective certificates (7500 thousand roubles).
  2. Application for obtaining a license.
  3. Application form with three photos.
  4. Photocopy of the general civil passport.
  5. Medical certificate (form 046-1) on the state of health, which is issued after receiving the information in the Psychoneurological dispensary and Narcological dispensary.
  6. Documents confirming the existence of a legal education or of an evidence of the professional training for a private investigator, or about a length of service in investigative or operational subdivisions for at least three years. These documents should be notarized.
  7. Copies of the documents on registration of the individual as an individual entrepreneur (notarized), on the registration in the tax inspection and Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service).
  8. Copy of the employment record book.
  9. Statement on the need for the use of the technical means in the implementation of detective activity.
  10. Copy of the certificate on the passage of dactyloscopy registration.

What are the advantages of the franchise of our agency? What kind of minuses can be there? And what is the order of cooperation?

A franchise is not only an opportunity to use our brand and logo, but also a ready-made business model. You’ll get the full information and educational support (what really works in the market and what does not work, what services the clients need, what is legal and what is not, how to conclude a maintenance agreement with the legal entities, forms for agreements, what information sources we are using, what equipment to buy, how to advertise correctly, find new customers, and very much more). In addition, the franchise gives you the opportunity to receive all orders for your region from us, as well as the help and assistance in working in Moscow and abroad (if necessary). That is will mean that it will no longer be a "business from scratch" for you at your own peril and risk. Among other things, our franchise does not provide the permanent royalty (a percentage from sales), but is limited to a one-time fee.

Has the franchise disadvantages? Perhaps, there are no. Moreover, it is worth the money, but which should of course pay off. There are some other restrictions (for example, you cannot open agencies under our brand in other regions without preliminary agreement with us). But such restrictions are self-evident and understandable to everyone.

The order of cooperation is as follows: we negotiate, conclude a commercial concession (franchise) agreement, register it properly, then you make a payment. And the process of training your detectives begins. The cost of the franchise is 350 (three hundred and fifty) thousand roubles. The validity period of the franchise is 3 years. No license royalty is provided. And for those who want to create their own agency from scratch, without a franchise, but would like to get more information about the detective business there are the educational courses and webinars provided. In case of any question, please write and call! Good luck!

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