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The section was created to inform the clients about the topic: how to conclude a contract with a private detective remotely. Detective agency Svitov & Partners is located in Moscow, does not have the branches in other cities of Russia and abroad. That is why, for the clients who do not live in the capital, it is easier to conclude a contract with us remotely. It can be done in that case when the problem of the client does not require a personal meeting with the detective and all the questions concerning the order are possible to be discussed by Skype or by phone. Furthermore, sometimes for the residents of “Moskva-Pervoprestolnaya” it is easier to exchange the information through WhatsApp and make an online payment rather than stuck in traffic jams trying to meet with a detective. Of course, not everyone likes such contracts, but small orders often suggest this way of cooperation. How to conclude a contract? First of all, let’s say that it is quite legal. Paragraph 2 of the Article 434 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation states: A written contract can be concluded by drawing up one document signed by the parties, as well as by exchanging the documents by post, telegraph, teletype, telephone, electronic or other communication type, which allows reliably to establish that the document comes from the party stated in the contract. Now we turn to paragraph 2 of the Article 160 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation: By drawing up the documents the usage of the facsimile reproduction of a signature by means of mechanical or other copying, electronic signature or other analogue of a handwritten signature is permitted in cases and in accordance with the procedure provided by the law, other legal acts or agreement of the parties. That means, in addition to using the facsimile and digital signature, the legislator allows the parties of the agreement to determine themselves the other analogue of the handwritten signature and the procedure for its use. As a result, it turns out that one party of the contract (private detective) has the right to send the second party (its client) by e-mail or, let’s assume, via the mobile phone, the text of the prepared contract (will be considered as an offer), and if the client makes payment (that means that the offer is accepted), then in this case the contract is considered to be concluded. All the conditions are met (the contract is concluded in writing, the documents are exchanged by means of an authorized postal service or telephone, electronic communications, etc. So, the acceptance of the offer has been held). Preliminary the parties only need to take into account the possibility of using the analogue of a handwritten signature and recognize that this signature is legal in the text of the contract. What can be used as an analogue of a handwritten signature? Lawyers recommend using a phone number in such a case (for example, sending a contract via messengers - from the mobile number of the detective listed on the official website - to the personal phone number of the client) or e-mail addresses. The scheme of work is as follows: the client negotiates all the conditions of the order with the detective, sends his or her data (full name, series and passport number, address); the detective prepares and sends him or her a contract. Such a contract is declared as concluded by the parties after the payment was made by the client on the detective's website or by the bank details. The place of conclusion of the contract will be the city of Moscow. After the service provision on a full scale, the client pays the remaining amount under the contract and confirms the Act of provided services sent to him. The operation is complete! It does not take long and reliable.

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