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Business intelligence

Competitive Intelligence, identification channels of information leakage, fighting disclosure of trade secrets.

An intelligence in business has many faces. Some say "competitive intelligence", others - "business intelligence", and others - "analytical intelligence", the fourth call it "commercial." So far among theorists and practitioners business intelligence there is no consensus as to which of the above concepts are synonymous and what part business intelligence. Say now "competitive intelligence" although the task of business intelligence often is to study the market in general and not to collect information about specific competitors. In this regard invented another alternative name - "marketing intelligence". To avoid confusion, we use the same concept - business intelligence. What is the difference between business intelligence from the usual market research? Marketer collects information from public sources and use it to do analysis business intelligence officer obtains information as well from private sources uses various technical means and operational combination resulting in his analysis of the resulting larger and deeper. What is the difference between business intelligence and industrial espionage? The first - a phenomenon allowed by law, and industrial espionage, as you know, is punishable.

Some entrepreneurs understand by business intelligence is industrial espionage and are surprised to find that these terms are not identical. Why should there be this notorious business intelligence, they asked, and what benefits it can bring? The benefits of business intelligence can be the following:

  1. collected information useful for making investment decisions, decisions on mergers and acquisitions (verification of investment companies (funds) and their programs, identification of affiliated persons, the search of hidden risks, corruption and criminal connections);
  2. an opportunity to stay ahead of their competitors (about oplaniruemyh their marketing and advertising campaigns, administrative resources, strategy and tactics, and to prepare for tenders);
  3. identified channels of information leakage within their own company and the persons involved in the disclosure of trade secrets.

I'm private detective Svitov Denis with the assistance of his assistants to render services Business Intelligence entities. Perhaps subscription service. With the right approach, business intelligence is bearing fruit in the form of future increases in profits. I wish to conquer new heights in business!

Prices for private detective depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

23 April 2017

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