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Checking a car history

Services of private investigation when buying cars with mileage.

If you buy a car with a mileage of the car market according to a newspaper advertisement or via the Internet - be careful not to fall victim to criminals. Even the purchase of a used car in the showroom does not always guarantee its legal clarity especially when sold not redeemed by the owner car and handed them to the commission. How could that be? Now that you have decided to buy a used car - take care checking car history. We advise you to contact a specialized company or use the services of private investigation. Checking cars with mileage should not end at the nearest post of DPS at least you need a specialist vehicles, which examines the number of units the car. It is generally recommended to refrain from buying cars that are too rich in history. Not to mention the cars imported to Russia from North America the bulk of which as you know - "broken" and "drowned". What to emphasize when buying cars with mileage?

  1. Document authentication (title, registration certificate, power of attorney). Ascertain whether the documents are real or fake is not simple. It is better to contact the experts. As for the power of attorney, to establish its authenticity enough to have a conversation with the owner sold the car.
  2. Check cars on bail (credit). Unified database of credit cars in Russia does not yet exist, although Finance Ministry plans to create one. Now check whether the pledged bank car or not, it is possible only through the auto show, which car to buy. Often this information to individuals to provide car dealers refuse. Earlier occasion for suspicion seller in collateral fraud could serve duplicate title. At present, some banks issue immediately at hand borrowers original PTS. Lay the car can not only to the bank but in the Pawnshop. Some pawn shops take the car yourself for the duration of the loan agreement the other - leave the borrower.
  3. Check auto arrest. The arrest of the vehicle is carried out in order to ensure the claim to determine by order of a judge or the judicial police officer at the time of enforcement. Bailiffs quickly notified of the arrest of the car with the traffic police and to sell such a machine prohibits. However if you really want, you can sell the car and its new owner will have problems with the right to property.

As you know, the criminals used cars on the market are faced not only buyers, but also sellers. Do not forget that bank notes granted to you by the buyer, it helps to check in the bank. Remember not to leave a single customer in the car and tell him about what should alarm you have and where you park your car at night.

I'm Svitov Denis and my assistants renders services of private investigation when buying used cars. Checking cars with mileage a necessary security measure. Please contact our detective agency!

Prices for the services of private detectives depend on the particular order and are calculated individually. With every customer a private detective enters into a written agreement, then act of performing work.

23 April 2017

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