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About Me

I'm Svitov Denis, was born in Moscow in 1976. After high school i graduated to the Law Institute of the Interior Ministry. Finished it and worked for three years at the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and a half of year in the unit for combating organized crime. Retiring from the bodies of internal affairs, received a degree in economics. Worked for two years as deputy chief of security at a major company. After this, getting private investigation. Here are the license of our private detective:

I work with reliable, honest and competent assistants. Some of them also have a private investigator license. Since 2012 year I officially cooperation with the Moscow police on the basis Agreement on Preventing and solving crimes (see Government Decree of 26.01. 2012 № 10).

I have many colleagues in other cities of Russia and other countries. Keep in touch with private investigators in France, Germany and United States.

My motto - "Reputation is First"! It means that I and my associates are not embarked on an questionable orders and not separate the customer money imposing unnecessary services or misleading. Quality services in Russia as we know is poor. Once the client finds this quality he does not go to other companies. We hope that our detective agency would be associated with such quality. I wish you all the best!

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